How do you de-stress? 

Vinyasa yoga. Walking my dog on Wimbledon Common. Soaking in a bathtub with Neom Organic’s ‘Happy’ Body Scrub. Reading before bed. Not all in a single day, sadly (although that would be heavenly).

Any health and beauty hacks you swear by?

I only recently learned that, as I have curly hair (although not as magnificently bouncy as yours!), its structure means the ends lose oil quicker than straight hair and over-washing can cause extra frizz-producing damage. I now wash it once a week using a no-shampoo cleanser called DevaCurl No-Poo. My hair is healthier, smoother and goes in and out of a ponytail or top-knot umpteen times a day without much protest, so it seems to have helped. Also a brilliant excuse since I have less time than ever to wash my hair, ha!

What’s your favourite workout right now? 

Well, weight training is my bread and butter. I commit to three sessions a week, and any workout including deadlifts, barbell hip thrusters (I did a kneeling variation throughout my pregnancy) and split squats makes me feel particularly powerful. However, I’m actually going to say buggy runs because it is a lifesaver for incorporating exercise on busy days with my daughter as I jog us to and from coffee dates, to her baby music classes and to local parks. Running didn’t feel terribly comfortable while I was still breastfeeding, so as Marnie is now onto big girl milk and my maternal hormones have calmed down I’m enjoying feeling stronger and steadier when I pick up the pace!

You partnered with the Mindful Chef in your book. What’s your favourite Mindful Chef recipe from your book?

Definitely the Teriyaki salmon with crispy greens… it has this amazing ginger dressing that makes a familiar dish feel new and fresh. I chose it for its high iron and omega content, which are crucial for energy and blood supply during pregnancy, plus helping to keep the skin supple as it stretches. The chia and buckwheat pizza is pretty special.

Brit’s book is out now and available to buy. It’s a must read for all you gorgeous mamas to be out there. Enjoy!